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At FaBa we design, manufacture, assemble, source and supply conveyor and rubber lining products to meet or exceed our client’s specifications, business requirements and environmental challenges.



FaBa splices / vulcanizes PVC, fabric ply & steel cord conveyor belts. These services are provided through-out the Middle East, G.C.C. Teams are 24/7/365 Available.



Different parts of your system require different levels of preventive care. FaBa can work with you to develop a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan. By following this, you will ensure yourself maximum system up-time.


& Improvements

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No material handling system is too small or big for our team to handle. FaBa can do daily, weekly, monthly, 3-monthly and 6-monthly inspections. Detailed reports are produced with each inspection.

Who We Are?

At the heart of our business is our strong team of experienced and professional belt splicers, supervisors, project managers, and engineers who have dedicated their working life to the conveyor, rubber, and bulk materials handling industry. Our team is led by senior management who have spent most of their working lives in the industry and who remain passionate about delivering quality conveyor products and services that meet or exceed client expectations.
Our workforce has remained very stable through our growth, enabling us to deliver projects and services with confidence and consistency.

What We Do!

We provide world-class conveyor services and products to clients across the Middle East and have fixed contract in place with Aluminium, Steel palletizing, Fertilizer, Sulphur & Phosphate & Cement plants and have installed large We have the proven ability to mobilize to any site in the world and operate with autonomy, efficiency and consistency.
Every client can be assured that FaBa bases it’s reputation on quality and services and products.
FaBa promises that we will not just meet, but exceed your expectations in helping our customers increase production and reduce operating costs.