Dust Suppression Systems

FaBa Commercial Services, sole GCC distributor for Environmental Control Systems United Kingdom, specializing in the field of dust control.
Involved in dust control since 2007, We provide design, build, supply and installation service, We manufacture dust suppression systems and chemicals at our own facility in the UK, 40 years experience in chemical blending, We are active in a number of different countries around the world, Industries served: Mining, Quarrying, Power Generation and Recycling.
The aim is to sufficiently wet fine dust particles so as to prevent them from getting airborne whilst ensuring that excessive moisture is not added.
Key requirement of a Foam Dust Suppression System :
Foam Generating Unit, Compressed Air, Hoses & Nozzles, Foaming Agent, Control System, Water Supply, Power Supply.
At Faba we provide a complete Design, Build, Installation and Maintenance service. We have dedicated engineers who travel the world carrying out installations. All our application systems are fully automated – not requiring any operator intervention on a daily basis. This coupled with the quality training provided to client personnel ensures that operation and maintenance is trouble free.
We have designed applications for facilities processing or handling as little as 0.5m tons per annum to over 20m tons per annum – in a variety of industries.