9 CATALOG - PRODUCTS - Scrapers-02
9 CATALOG - PRODUCTS - Scrapers-02
9 CATALOG - PRODUCTS - Scrapers-02

Primary scraper
Secondary scraper
Inner belt scraper

Efficient conveyor belt cleaning is as essential today as ever. Both perfect cleaning results and simple, efficient maintenance plus gentle, belt-saving operation are the selection criteria determining the efficiency of all scraper systems.
FaBa conveyor belt cleaning systems fulfil these criteria perfectly.
Proven throughout the world all areas of mining and industry and supported by a highly motivated team, FaBa offers the best and most efficient solutions for your application.
Unique thanks to the modular system set-up and patented FaBa conveyor belt scrapers prove thousands of times, day after day and around the globe, why more and more customers in all sectors of the bulk materials industry rely on solutions provided by FaBa.