Side Walls / Cleats

Sidewall Belting has a proven track record spanning almost 30 years. Industrial Division has provided thousands of corrugated sidewall belts to the food, recycling, agricultural, metals, steel, cement, energy, and construction industries. We are continually devoting resources to product improvements, conducting rigorous quality testing, and benchmarking the competition to make sure our product offering is first rate. Both our lightweight and heavy-duty sidewall offer the same reliability, dependability, and value you expect from us.
We work with customers to find the right solution for their application. What’s more, our exclusive sizing program can engineer belting for any conveying system.


Cleat- We have the cleat profiles to fit your application: T-cleat for most incline needs, scoop cleats for steeper angles, and thin line cleats for smaller pulley diameters and lower tonnages.