Tracking Rollers

Flat tracking rollers
Dual tracking rollers
Througing tracking roller
Reverse belt tracking roller

FaBa supplies a full range of self-aligning idlers for tracking both
the return and load- carring sides on slow moving, reversible,
high speed and high-load belts.
FaBa employs a unique and highly effective tracking action
which is non- damaging to the belt and kicks-in immediately
if the belt begins to drift off centre.
Because it does not rely on contact with the belt edge in order
to guide the belt, belt edge damage, which occurs frequently
with other tracking systems, is avoided.
FaBa has special tapers(similar to a crown pulley) on the
outer edge of the tracker, which cause the drum of the FaBa
to pivot about an internal, vertical pivot axis.
The internal central pivot is perpendicular to the belt and this
result in the tracking action always being on the same
horizontal plane as the belt. For this reason the tracking roll
equally well with reversible and shuttle conveyors.