Vulcanizing Machine

Our outstanding engineering capabilities, a willingness to solve challenging design problems and the unique partnership we build with each of our clients has resulted in the rapid growth of our product range and world-wide network.

“The weakest point of a conveyor belt is the splice”

Conveyor belts are crucial and expensive assets in any bulk handling operation. A lot of research, time and money is spent on selecting the most efficient, reliable and economical conveyor belt that suits the application. Still the splice always remains the weakest and most vulnerable point in a conveyor belt! If the splice fails, the conveyor fails which can result in tremendous costs and down time.
In order to secure the best splice the following is needed:
1. Skilled splice technician who prepare the splice.
2. Correct splice materials, matching the belt specifications.
3. The right overall pressure during the vulcanizing process.
4. The correct temperature is crucial for a correct vulcanizing process.
ALMEX vulcanizing presses guarantee to solve items 3 and 4 in the fastest possible time through its unique proven
1. Air/water bag pressure system
2. Flexible pressure platens
3. Flexible heating element.
4. Integral water cooling on all ALMEX presses
CATALOG - PRODUCTS - 13  to 18 page
CATALOG - PRODUCTS - 13  to 18 page
CATALOG - PRODUCTS - 13  to 18 page