The Challenges

Due to the congestion in Qatar port for handling bulk materials and the continuing demand for imported aggregate, Qatar Port Authority have commissioned a dedicated bulk material handling terminal to facilitate the countries growth. This facility consists of a total 49,000 meters of conveyor belt in four separate lines with the longest belts being 4,000 meters, four stacker conveyors capable of handling a combined 4,000 tons per hour of sand and aggregates. FABA Commercial Services were commissioned by the Installation contractor, Eversendai Qatar, to pull/install and vulcanise the conveyor belts.
A total of 150 steel cord & 13 fabric vulcanise had to be made on new belts throughout the plant. The belts were from ST 600 till ST 2000 and the fabric ply belt were EP315/ 4 Ply and EP1000/ 5 Ply “plain” belts. The belt width where up to 1800 mm for the steel cord belts and up to 2400 mm for the fabric ply belts. Some of the belts required 9 vulcanise on the entire length as the length was 4000 meters. The heights and the wind / dust made the task an extra challenge and high summer temperatures of up to 50 Degrees Celsius with high humidity in the month of June and July needed to be overcome.
FABA mobilised 2 large Shaw Almex vulcanising presses, 3 full vulcanising teams and one pulling team onto the site for a total of 26 personnel dedicated to the project. A state of the art 35 ton pulling winch with 500 meters of cable was also deputised to the task. The belts where pulled on by our team, prepared as per our Splicing instruction manual. The rubber components for the vulcanise were supplied by the client whilst FABA supplied all solutions required for the joints, the task was achieved within the clients time frame of 4.5 months with 24/7 working as required to maintain the schedule.

Project Description