The Challenges

Cement plant with a clinker capacity of 600,000 MTS per annum was commissioned in 1983 and subsequently due to increase demand for the cement in the region.
4 Weigh feeder conveyors in a silo which conveys limestone from silo to the next production unit had to be modified. Modification is to extend the structure by 500 mm at the head pulley end and installation of new rollers for the extended part. Change the belt and Super Screw Joint by on conveyor belt 2400mm wide, EP800/4ply, 20mm thick.

FaBa did the Fabrication work and Dismantling the head pulley, lifting it by chain block, keep it aside, gas cut the mesh grill on the floor to introduce a 3 meter long beam for support and connecting it to the mother beam by welding. On top of that another support is bolted and then the extension piece (500 mm) is placed on top of the primary and secondary supports aligning it with the existing structure. It is then welded to the existing structure, removed the chute and old belt, installed new belt, did super screw 80 joint, adjusted take up and did housekeeping.

Project Description