• Cement Steel Cord Belt Joint

    Cement plant with a clinker capacity of 600,000 MTS per annum was commissioned in 1983 and subsequently due to increase demand for the cement in the region. Task: 3.8 km long conveyor which is used to convey limestone from crusher to silo uses steel cord belt ST 630, 1000mm Wide was through cut at around […]

  • Conveyor Belt Supply & Installation

    Ready mix company has consistently delivered impeccable quality in products and services throughout the Gulf Region. Originally established in 1984, Has now grown to extend full operations across an extended network throughout Oman with annual production capacities yielding 10 million concrete blocks, 1.2 million square meters of interlocking tiles, and 2.7 million linear meters of kerbstones. […]

  • Conveyor Extension & Super screw Joint – Oman 2016

    Cement plant with a clinker capacity of 600,000 MTS per annum was commissioned in 1983 and subsequently due to increase demand for the cement in the region. Task: 4 Weigh feeder conveyors in a silo which conveys limestone from silo to the next production unit had to be modified. Modification is to extend the structure […]

  • Bucket Elevator Belt Change

    FaBa took on the task with 34 people and split in 4 teams. Buckets where removed with torque wrenches within 48 hours and the belts were replaced 48 hours later. The assembly of the belt clamp was special as the steel cord wires had to be stripped very clean and then woven and clamped. Once […]

  • Airport Scanner Modifications

    FaBa modified the area between the rollers and placed a PVC belt on top of the rollers. To prevent the trolley from moving separate strips where placed onto the belt. After modifications the belt was placed back into the machine and the first incoming trolleys where scanned.

  • Conveyor Supply & Installation – Qatar Metro

    For the Qatar metro project  a station and two metro lines are made 40 meters below the ground. The materials from the pit and tunnels needed to be removed at a rate of 600 Tons/hour  and a  142 meter long conveyor system with hopper and feeder was designed / engineered, supplied, installed and commissioned by […]

  • Conveyor Belt Pulling & Vulcanizing – Qatar port – 2015

    Due to the congestion in Qatar port for handling bulk materials and the continuing demand for imported aggregate, Qatar Port Authority have commissioned a dedicated bulk material handling terminal to facilitate the countries growth. This facility consists of a total 49,000 meters of conveyor belt in four separate lines with the longest belts being 4,000 […]

  • Hot Vulcanizing of Fabric/ Steel Cord Belts, Phosphate

    A new phosphate handling project required 93 splices and successfully installed the belts. One of the splices was an 3000 mm wide, ST 3150 belt. No press was available for this width and beams where specially constructed and 3 vulcanizing machines where put together to complete the project. A total of 200 KG’s of rubber […]

  • Pipe conveyor replacement

    An existing 600 meter pipe conveyor was aged and had to be replaced. A time window of 5 days was available to replace,install 2 vulcanizing joints and replace the tail pulley. Engineering was required as their was no area were the conveyor belt could be removed/re-installed. The only way possible was to cut and area in the existing […]

  • Replacement of bucket elevator belt

    An existing bucket elevator had to be replaced and new buckets where supplied and installed with FaBa bucket elevator bolts. FaBa supplied the belt but the customer did not had the hole dimensions and only on side FaBa was able to drill the holes into the belt.